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LEMONDA JRL-003 Bluetooth Cell Phone Monitoring Android iOS Smart Thermometer
Product Detail
  • JRL-003 is an intelligent product for measuring children's body temperature

  • It combines Bluetooth ble4.0 and NTC technology, and is used together with mobile app

  • Its main function is to test the temperature of children when they have a fever, test the current ambient temperature, continuously monitor the temperature of children when they have a fever and draw a table to record in the app, high temperature alarm, etc.

  • Compared with the traditional thermometer, it has the following intelligent parts, which can continuously monitor the temperature of children when they have a fever, record and draw tables, understand the temperature status of children in detail, and provide some auxiliary functions for children's medical treatment

  • In addition, it has a high temperature alarm function

  • When the child has a fever that exceeds the set temperature, the app will send an alarm to facilitate timely processing and prevent the child from being in a high temperature state for a long time

  • Some of the above functions are not available in traditional thermometers

  • Note: this non professional medical equipment cannot be used as a medical standard, which is an auxiliary reference equipment.


  • Main control chip: amiccom A8105

  • Bluetooth version: 4.0

  • Temperature sensor: Medical NTC sensor

  • Display: LCD

  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1 (32 ℃ - 42 ℃)

  • Standby time: 9 months

  • Test time: 8-10 minutes to reach the accurate temperature value

  • Strap: medical silicone material length 22.5cm

  • Strap extension: medical silicone material length 22.5cm

  • Net weight of single machine: 21g


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